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Please let us know what functionalities you would like to have, and we can help you find the best solutions to increase website conversion and sales together. We offer customised web design services and hosting for free with Amazon Web Services.

A closed-source is a virtually unhackable, Mobile-first design concept with the fastest page loading speed and best e-Commerce mobile user experience to start your online presence. 


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Our system is perfect for entrepreneurs who want their website to save to a mobile home feature and act as a mobile app. We can quickly move your offline storefronts to online and maximise sales potential. It comes with a shopping cart, restaurant takeaway or delivery, real estate, a portfolio website or upgrades to a booking system, which works for virtually any business.

The online ordering experience is absolutely the best on the mobile phone and the desktop device. The eCommerce platform has no product limits, bandwidth limits, email order notifications, and PDF receipts automatically sent to customers. Instantly integrates with PayPal and Stripe for direct payments or pick up by cash option.

A Mobile-First website that loads under 3 seconds in a 4G network with a closed source which is virtually unhackable, with the following optional features to choose from:

  • Buttons and icons - to your social profiles and pages
  • Code/Script - Enter any JavaScript code embedded in a specific point of a page
  • Columns of text - Easily create columns of text with images, sliders, icons and buttons
  • Content-block - easily add text, images (as a slider), maps or videos to a page
  • Countdown - Add a nicely formatted countdown timer to your pages
  • Coupon & loyalty widgets - Easily add full-fledged and complete coupons to any page
  • Easy blog - Easily add a full-fledged blog to a page
  • Easy SEO features like Meta keywords and Open Graphs for Social Media
  • FB "like" box - Easily add a "like" box for any Facebook page you want
  • Free or Registered paid membership
  • Food ordering - paid online with delivery and paid cash on pick-up at the store options
  • e-Commerce with Stripe or PayPal payment gateway integration
  • Events for sale with a scheduler
  • Formcontact - Quickly create a contact section with details and a ready-made form
  • Form free - Create forms with all the fields you want: text, email, date pickers and more
  • Header - Add a beautiful header to the page with stunning backgrounds and contents
  • List - Create a list of items: posts, products, locations, events and everything else
  • List preview - Show a selected, well-formatted few items from any list
  • List (RSS) - Quickly and easily import RSS and Atom feeds into this page
  • Loyalty - Create complete and advanced "loyalty cards" for your customers
  • Map - Easily add a mobile and desktop responsive map to this page
  • Multiple languages & currencies
  • Panorama - Show 360 pictures and let users navigate into them.
  • Page header with video/images as a background or on a player
  • Plans & Prices - Show prices to visitors in an elegant grid, with full customisation
  • Product - Show a single product with a shopping cart
  • Real Estate - Manage properties for sales and rental listings
  • Road map - Create a beautiful road map for your launch or company
  • Scratchcard - Quickly create a "scratchcard" your users can use to play and win!
  • Slider - Create a gorgeous slider uploading images or using the media library
  • Social (links) - Easily add links.
  • Testimonials - Show testimonials from customers, with pictures and links
  • Templates - Show the list of available templates in a nicely formatted way
  • Thumbnails - Show images in a beautiful and elegant grid of thumbnails

We recommend Domains4Less for New Zealand domain names and NameCheap or GoDaddy for international domain name registries, as they are compatible with our system.

Please let us know what features you would like to have by filling out the form below.

Upgradable Features


Appointment Booking

USD 49.99 per month


Digital Product

USD 9.99 per month



SSL Certificate (https:)

USD 39 per year


Customisation - Starting from USD 1000

USD In two payments

Multiple e-Commerce websites for local or online businesses with shopping carts

Sell unlimited products (DIY)

Stripe or PayPal payment integration

Proposals, Invoices and CRM system integrated with the system

Forever Free Web Hosting

Video tutorials on how to edit pages and add more products

Ten pages with an image gallery and video display

Link up Social Media Accounts

29 Widgets can be added

$ 1,000.00

We take 50% to start the job, and the balance is paid upon completion.

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