Social Media

Social Media is revolutionising the world of business marketing, creating new avenues for merchants to promote their companies at a low budget. Reach out to many potential customers through social media. 

Having a website is not enough for any business, you need to look at short and long-term business goals, and make sure your website fits these goals for future growth. I will first talk to my clients about what they want, based on their different business nature, and then designs complete online marketing strategies most suitable to their business size, budget and development goals to archive different result in short or long-term periods, using interactive web development and various online marketing methodologies, also known as Inbound Marketing. 

The formula for successful inbound marketing is simple

  • Get Found (drive traffic to your site)
  • Convert (generate leads and customers from that traffic)
  • Analyses (identify what worked and what didn't work).

Normally when creating a website for the business, you can not only expect that’s all you need. A good website should be used in conjunction with good SEO, regular Blogging and Content Creation, Social Media, Email Campaigns and finally Analysis and Measurement of the benefits of long-term use of this combination. Amongst all of these strategies, Social Media is the most powerful and time-consuming tool in today’s brand building, online marketing strategies and offers the following benefits:

  • Keep up the interaction with the customer; engage your customer’s constant interest on your brand
  • Reward customer loyalty - contest, giveaway
  • Harness your expertise; Share your knowledge to help build your brand recognition
  • Find potential customers/leads
  • See what your competitors are doing and better yourself